Acuative - VIP 5000

Acuative VIP 5000 Rendering shot
LVS 5000 Vertical Collage
Acuative VIP 5000 Graphics
Acuative VIP 5000 Rendering shot 2

The Acuative Versatile Information Portal (VIP) is a unique, IP enabled interactive retail kiosk. Insync created a highly flexible product solution that allows the device to be configured for a wide range of applications and store installations. The device makes use of power-over-ethernet and can be configured for either landscape or portrait orientations. We came up with a unique, modular housing approach that can be built up as a touch display only, or add any combination of bar code scanner, magnetic card reader, printer, or camera.

Insync was responsible for industrial design, mechanical engineering, and sourcing of all injection molded housing parts.